CVYS Marketplace

Welcome to the CVYS Marketplace!  Here you will find both online order forms and downloadable forms to order CVYS mechandise.


CVYS Logowear

New styles and options offered with CVYS logo on super-soft poly-cotton blends

Stocking cap $8

T-shirt $16

Long Sleeved T-shirt $20

Hoodie Sweatshirt $30

Download the order form or order online today!

CVYS Logowear form (download)

Online CVYS Logowear form

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CVSO Discounted Tickets for Feb. 10 Concert

CVSO is offering our parents & families discounted tickets for the CVSO performance on Feb. 10, 2018. CVYS will be featured performers at this concert.  You may purchase as many tickets as you choose for $7 each. The tickets must be reserved and your payment received by CVYS by Feb. 7, 2018. You may pick up your purchased tickets at Will Call at the door of the State Theater on the day of the performance. Concert details can be found on the CVSO website.

In January 2018, you will find a link here to reserve and purchase your tickets.


Seroogy's Chocolate 

CVYS offers boxes of Seroogy’s chocolate bars at cost to parents & students who wish to sell the bars to offset tuition costs.  

Please indicate your selection below.  Chocolate bars are to be sold for $1.50 each. We ask that you pre-pay for the boxes of chocolate bars, and CVYS will deliver the boxes to you when they arrive.

Full box (48 bars) - $36

1/2 box (24 bars) - $18

Seroogy's boxed chocolate bars

 CVYS Group and Individual Photos

Group and individual portraits will be taken by Tom Giles of Giles Photography, before dress rehearsal on October 29, 2017.

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to request an appointment for an individual photo. Please download the form below and bring to your appointment.

CVYS Photo Order Form

Our Core Values

* We value the excellence of our music instruction and mentoring.
* We encourage personal development, creativity, discipline, and collaboration.
* We seek to provide financial assistance through scholarships so no one is excluded on the basis of ability to pay.
* We aspire to a culture of fairness and mutual respect.
* We expect a strong commitment from all members of the CVYS team including musicians, staff, and volunteers.
* We encourage the important relationship between our musicians and their teachers, families, and audiences.
* We value quality performances at various venues including collaboration with acclaimed artists and ensembles.
* We strive to be an inclusive organization reflecting the diversity of the greater Chippewa Valley area.