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Music Director: Lydia Hynson Park


The Chippewa Valley Youth Symphony (CVYS) is proud to announce our next Music Director for its 40th season. With the launch of the 2021-2022 season, Lydia Hynson Park will lead the Youth Symphony with her vast experience in both  Symphony Orchestras and as a cello soloist. Her years in the Milwaukee Youth Symphony Orchestra inspired her to  pursue further educational opportunities at Lawrence University under Professor Janet Anthony and at the University of  Wisconsin-Stevens Point with Dr. Lawrence Leviton. After graduation from UWSP with a Bachelor’s degree in Cello  Performance, she obtained her Master’s Degree in Cello Performance and Certificate of Cello Pedagogy at Colorado State  University with Professor Barbara Thiem. She was granted a scholarship to play in the graduate string quartet: The Zinnia String Quartet. 


In 2015, Ms. Park founded the Fort Collins All-City High School Honor Orchestra. The 4-day musical event ran successfully for three consecutive years. The event brought together not only the youth of the Front Range, but local business sponsors, as well.  


Ms. Park has performed with groups such as The Cheyenne Symphony, Mahlerfest, Bel Canto Chorus, Emerald City  Opera, Opera Steamboat, and The Front Range Chamber Players. Her involvement with many musical organizations allowed her to assume many different roles, including board member, administrative assistant, event coordinator, fundraiser, community outreach specialist, and performer. 


Ms. Park taught cello privately for 10 years. In 2017, she became a cello instructor at The String Academy of Wyoming where she was trained in the modified Suzuki approach by Professor Sherry Sinift.  


Although her love for the cello and classical music have heavily influenced her professional life, she attributes attending  live music concerts and music festivals for her vast adoration of and respect for all music genres. Additionally, on most  given weekends, you can catch her fly fishing for bass and muskies with her husband Gabe and sweet, floppy-eared mutt, Lilah.  


With the return of the CVYS after an extremely difficult hiatus, the CVYS board conducted an extensive search for its next Music Director and is thrilled at the prospects of a new year under the direction of Lydia Hynson Park. The CVYS will announce further details of its 40th anniversary season in the late summer of 2021.